The Kat’s Cafe’s Masterlists

This page contains my masterlists and links to particular reviews. It also contains lists of things that I am currently watching or reading, want to watch or read, and have watched or read.


This one is mostly focused on  Kdramas from 2016 and older that I do want to see, based on recommendations, and based on the fact that I do like the actors or actresses involved in the project. So, don’t be surprised if you’ll see a lot of titles that have particular actors and actresses, as I have enjoyed their work before and I want to see their breadth of work and what they can do. This list is subject to change.


2.Descendants of the Sun


4.Bad Guys


6.The Good Doctor

7.Doctor Stranger


9.I Can Hear Your Voice



This list contains movies that I have already seen, and their reviews, as well as movies I do want to see in the future. I will, however, start the list off with the movies I do want to see in 2018. This list is subject to updates and changes.


1.Ang Larawan (The Portrait)

2. The Shape of Water

3. Black Panther

4. Avengers: Infinity War

5. Ready Player One

6. Buybust (Filipino film)

7. The Incredibles II

8. Mary and the Witch’s Flower

9. The Greatest Showman


11. Tomb Raider

12. A Wrinkle in Time

13. Aquaman

14.Isle of Dogs

15.Deadpool 2

16.Solo: A Star Wars Story

17. Ocean’s 8

18. Mission Impossible 6

19. Venom

20. Mowgli

21. X-Men: Dark Phoenix

22. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

23.Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck it Ralph 2

24. Bohemian Rhapsody


This list contains all the western shows that I’m watching, including cartoons and computer animated ones. In it, you’ll also see the status, of whether I’m in a hiatus watching it or I dropped it along the way. If there is no label, that means that I’m currently watching it.

1.The Flash


3.Star Trek: Discovery

4. Black Lightning

5.Legends of Tomorrow


7.The Good Place

8.The Gifted Status-S1 done!

9.Legion-In Hiatus

10. 12 Monkeys-In Hiatus

11. Doctor Who- In Hiatus

12. Parks and Recreation- Needs to be picked up again

13. My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic- In Hiatus

14. Star Wars: Rebels- In Hiatus

15. MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD

16. Blindspot- Needs to be picked up again

17. The Blacklist- Needs to be picked up again

18. Duck Tales-In Hiatus

19. Nickolodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Will Pick Up Soon

20. Supergirl

21.  RWBY

22. The Librarians- Will Pick Up Soon

23. A Series of Unfortunate Events – In Hiatus

24. Daredevil- In Hiatus

25. Jessica Jones- In Hiatus

26. The Defenders- In Hiatus

27. Legion- In Hiatus

28. The Office (US)- Will Pick Up Soon

29. Seinfeld- Always Being Watched When There’s Time

30. The Nanny-Always Being Watched When There’s Time


Here’s a list of all the anime and anime films I do want to see and of those I’ve seen already. However, this list will start with what I do want to see this year. This list is subject to updates and changes.

1.Fate/Stay Night (2006) Rewatch

2. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

3. Fate/Zero

4.Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel

5. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

6. Death Note

7.My Hero Academia

8.Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Arc

9.Wolf Children

10.Princess Mononoke

11.The Secret Life of Arietty

12.Kiki’s Delivery Service

13. Children Who Chase Lost Voices