Movie Review: We Will Not Die Tonight (Spoilers!)

Lately, Philippine action films have been serving up grit, grime, blood, and tough as nails action heroines. We had one in Anne Curtis’ Nina Manigan in “Buy Bust”, and here, in “We Will Not Die Tonight”, we have Erich Gonzales’ stuntwoman Kray. Shot in only eight days, this film has an interesting premise, a great lead in Gonzales, with some good fight sequences and interesting … Continue reading Movie Review: We Will Not Die Tonight (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Buy Bust (Spoilers!)

Action is a film genre that comes in many forms, and every country has their own version of the action film, from fast car chase scenes to epic fight sequences. It can have a complex plot which sets up and whose narrative weaves through the action sequences; or the entire movie can just be about the spectacle and the action itself. When it comes to … Continue reading Movie Review: Buy Bust (Spoilers!)