Movie Review: My Name Is Khan (Spoilers!)

As we are now ending the month of April, and with it, Autism Acceptance Month, this will be my last post for now in which I review a movie that deals with autism or characters with autism. And for this, I have decided to take a look at “My Name is Khan”, a Hindi film that I have heard a lot about, and the second … Continue reading Movie Review: My Name Is Khan (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Asperger’s Are Us (Documentary)

For my fourth entry for my Autism in Film series for April’s Autism Acceptance Month, I have decided to shift gears and focus on a documentary that is quite special to me, personally. So, for my fourth entry for this series, let’s take a look at a real life group of four individuals with Asperger’s who became friends due to their similar sense of humor, … Continue reading Movie Review: Asperger’s Are Us (Documentary)

Movie Review: Mary and Max (2009) (Spoilers!)

Last week, in celebration of Autism Acceptance Month, I decided to mix in some reviews of films and other media that deals with the subject of autism, with my usual fare. I kicked things off with a review of Denzel Washington’s “Roman J. Israel, Esq.“, and this time around, I chose an underrated claymation gem of a movie called “Mary and Max”. Also, one thing … Continue reading Movie Review: Mary and Max (2009) (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Roman J. Israel, Esq. (Spoilers!)

Over the years, the film industry, whether it be Hollywood or International Cinema, has changed and has become more progressive, even though it took some time for it do so. The movie industry, especially in Western cinema, has only become more inclusive and diverse as of late, and movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp have sparked debates and have become agents of change not only … Continue reading Movie Review: Roman J. Israel, Esq. (Spoilers!)