Movie Review: Dunkirk (Spoilers!)

I am not a huge fan of war movies. In fact, most of the time I avoid them because I always feel that it plays up the characters too much, and it becomes over dramatic and over emotional. However, I do enjoy watching Christopher Nolan’s movies (with my favorites being “Memento”, “The Prestige”, and “The Dark Knight”), and I enjoy learning about anything that has … Continue reading Movie Review: Dunkirk (Spoilers!)

Mysteries, Memories, and Christopher Nolan- “Memento” (Spoilers Review)

There is no doubt that director Christopher Nolan is one of those directors that many do watch out for, as he has proven himself time after time again with his films, from “Inception” to his “Dark Knight” Trilogy. However, oddly enough, I always maintained that my favorite Nolan film was “The Prestige”, that is, until I managed to finally see his 2000 film, “Memento”. Continue reading Mysteries, Memories, and Christopher Nolan- “Memento” (Spoilers Review)