Movie Review: On the Job (Spoilers!)

August is the month in which the entire Philippines celebrates our national language, Filipino, and at the same time, the rich cultural heritage of the country is also celebrated. So, it is no wonder that I’ve been trying to put more emphasis on Filipino films this month, especially as two big local film festivals- Cinemalaya and Pista ng Pelikulang Pinoy (Festival of Filipino Films), also … Continue reading Movie Review: On the Job (Spoilers!)

TV Review: Queen of Mystery S1 (Spoilers!)

Relying on old formulas are always safe things to rely on, but they become refreshing when you put an interesting and unexpected twist to it. Such is the case with the KBS drama “Queen of Mystery”, as it takes the old tropes of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson and gives it a new spin. Set in modern day Seoul, Sherlock is transformed into a … Continue reading TV Review: Queen of Mystery S1 (Spoilers!)

TV Review: Clone Baby (Jdrama) (Spoilers!)

Clone Baby CAST Ichikawa Tomohiro ——- Masamune Matsuzaka Tori ————- Hiro I was initially surprised when I noticed the length of each episode- around 20-23 minutes each. By the time I finished watching the series, I noticed that I had ended up watching more than 3 episodes in one sitting. I decided to give it a try as a livejournal friend of mine pimped it … Continue reading TV Review: Clone Baby (Jdrama) (Spoilers!)