The Kpop Monthly Round Up- April 2021

Once again, this is a very very late post (I really need a better system for these posts), but finally my April 2021 round up is finally here! Here’s everything I enjoyed last April! EXO’s Chanyeol: “Tomorrow“ As of the moment of writing this, both Chanyeol and Baekhyun have enlisted, leaving only Kai and Sehun left to enlist for the group. This melancholic yet hopeful … Continue reading The Kpop Monthly Round Up- April 2021

The Monthly Kpop Haul #11

Technically speaking, this is the first haul post for me during this lockdown period, as the previous haul post was done just as the quarantine started. I’m not sure how things will be during my next haul post, but we’ll see when June comes along. In my last haul post, I asked whether you guys would rather wait until the lockdown is over to buy … Continue reading The Monthly Kpop Haul #11

The Kpop Files: The Monthly Kpop Haul 1.5

With this post, I’ve finally caught in terms of haul posts. So, you’ll be seeing my October haul sometime in November. This month’s haul was a mix of new releases and some old ones. I also got my very first concert merch purchase shipped to me this month!  As for the comebacks for the month of September, the one that I was most excited for … Continue reading The Kpop Files: The Monthly Kpop Haul 1.5