Movie Review: Mary Poppins Returns (Spoilers!)

As someone who grew up on the original “Mary Poppins”, I was cautiously optimistic about “Mary Poppins Returns”, aside from the fact that I thought that Emily Blunt looked fantastic as the titular lead of the movie, which is something as she is filling the legendary Julie Andrews’ shoes here. The result is a fun family film that is entertaining and enjoyable, feels familiar yet … Continue reading Movie Review: Mary Poppins Returns (Spoilers!)

My Year in Review: 2018 Movie Edition

I normally watch more tv shows than movies, but I am very happy that I was able to watch a variety of different kinds of movies in 2018. I was able to watch movies that were released in 2018 and older, to Asian films. I also was able to watch more Filipino films than before, and was able to catch four of them during particular … Continue reading My Year in Review: 2018 Movie Edition

Movie Review: Ralph Breaks the Internet (Spoilers!)

Aside from “Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them: The Crimes of Grindelwald” (which was a HUGE disappointment in my books), the sequel to “Wreck it Ralph”, “Ralph Breaks the Internet”, was the only other movie that I was really looking forward to this November. I thoroughly enjoyed the first installment, and I loved that John C. Reilly’s Ralph and Sarah Silverman’s Vanellope von Schweetz … Continue reading Movie Review: Ralph Breaks the Internet (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Christopher Robin (Spoilers!)

The magic of childhood and nostalgia is very hard to beat, and sometimes comes in handy when remakes, reboots and revivals of childhood favorites are done well. This time around, instead of giving us a straight up adaptation of “Winnie the Pooh”, Disney decided to ask the question as to what would happen to Pooh and his friends and Christopher Robin when Christopher grows up. … Continue reading Movie Review: Christopher Robin (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: The Incredibles 2 (Spoilers!)

Before superheroes came into their own in the cultural zeitgeist of today, fourteen years ago, audiences were treated to a different kind of superhero movie with Disney Pixar’s “The Incredibles”. At the time, the notion of superheroes reigning supreme was just something that happened just once in a while, allowing us to be witness to this superhero family, and allowed its writers to talk a … Continue reading Movie Review: The Incredibles 2 (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Solo:A Star Wars Story (Spoilers!)

Having the main saga stories come out every other year is a smart move as it allows them to explore parts of the galaxy that hasn’t been touched upon before, while it gives us a nice little break from everything happening with the Skywalker clan. In 2016, we had “Rogue One”, which nicely filled in the gap between “Star Wars: Rebels” and led right into … Continue reading Movie Review: Solo:A Star Wars Story (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Coco (Spoilers!)

Ever since I saw the trailer for PIXAR’s newest film, “Coco”, I knew that I would be watching it at the cinema when it came out. First off, there have only been a very few PIXAR films that I didn’t see on the big screen; and secondly, I wanted to watch “Coco” as the visuals looked breathtaking, and I thought that I might be able … Continue reading Movie Review: Coco (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Cars 3 (Spoilers!)

To be honest, I only saw a few clips of “Cars 2”, and based what I had heard about it and what I did see, I was glad that I stayed far away from it. Also, because Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) is my least favorite PIXAR character of all time. However, the initial teaser trailer and the subsequent trailers for “Cars 3” got my … Continue reading Movie Review: Cars 3 (Spoilers!)

TV Review: Star Wars: Rebels S3 + S4 Trailer (Spoilers)

Admittedly, I haven’t really been paying attention to my “Star Wars” challenge for this year recently, but I think I’m ready to get back into the thick of things as the season finale for the third season of “Star Wars: Rebels” finally aired over here, and as so many Star Wars stuff happened over the weekend during Star Wars Celebration. There, they also dropped the … Continue reading TV Review: Star Wars: Rebels S3 + S4 Trailer (Spoilers)

Movie Review: Pete’s Dragon (2016)

Among all the Disney live action adaptations, I was the most nervous about this one, as I grew up loving the 1977 film. For some reason, my mother had managed to record it on a VHS tape for me when I was younger, and I loved the film, from the cartoon Elliot, to the songs that were sung in the film. However, after watching the … Continue reading Movie Review: Pete’s Dragon (2016)