TV Review: Trollhunters S3 (Spoilers!)

Ever since the last season’s finale, with the knowledge that the series was going to end with its third season, and with the announcement that “Trollhunters” was just the beginning of a three series shared universe, fans of “Trollhunters” have been wondering how the series would end, and what the future would be for this shared universe. Because of that, many looked forward to May … Continue reading TV Review: Trollhunters S3 (Spoilers!)

Animation Break: Voltron: Legendary Defender S2 (Spoilers!)

It has been quite some time since I watched the first season of “Voltron: Legendary Defender”, but I did promise myself that I would get around to continuing to watch it before the year ends. As someone who had limited knowledge on mecha anime and Voltron itself, I was surprised at how impressed and how engrossed I was with the entire story and its characters … Continue reading Animation Break: Voltron: Legendary Defender S2 (Spoilers!)