My Year in Review: 2018 Movie Edition

I normally watch more tv shows than movies, but I am very happy that I was able to watch a variety of different kinds of movies in 2018. I was able to watch movies that were released in 2018 and older, to Asian films. I also was able to watch more Filipino films than before, and was able to catch four of them during particular … Continue reading My Year in Review: 2018 Movie Edition

Movie Review: Alimuom (Spoilers!)

Right now, Philippine cinema is in the middle of a very exciting phase in its history, with more and more independent films becoming more mainstream, and with the country’s Film Development Council working hard to bring Filipino films abroad and letting exposing local filmmakers to others in the industry. So, of course, as a fan of both Philippine cinema and science fiction, when I heard … Continue reading Movie Review: Alimuom (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral (Spoilers!)

Finally, after three long years, the wait is over and local moviegoers can now head to the cinemas and watch the the sequel to “Heneral Luna”– “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral”. True to the first film, this one continues to criticize the bad habits and ways of thinking that still plague the Philippines today. While “Luna” serves to wake us up from our slumber, “Goyo” deconstructs one of the nation’s youngest heroes, … Continue reading Movie Review: Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Heneral Luna+Angelito (Spoilers!)

Finally after three years since “Heneral Luna” first graced the big screen in the Philippines, its sequel, “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral (Goyo: The Young General)”, will finally be released. In order to get ready for it, I decided to revisit the first in director Jerrold Tarog’s planned historical epic trilogy, “Heneral Luna”, and watched the short film “Angelito”, which bridges the gap between the two movies. “Luna”, for me was a milestone in Philippine cinema, … Continue reading Movie Review: Heneral Luna+Angelito (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Pinay Beauty (Spoilers!)

Unlike the previous years, I’m glad that I was able to get a chance to watch some films at this year’s Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP) (Festival of Filipino Films). I decided to choose films that were a little bit different , and whose premises I found interesting. As you all know, the first PPP movie I watched this year was “We Will Not Die … Continue reading Movie Review: Pinay Beauty (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: We Will Not Die Tonight (Spoilers!)

Lately, Philippine action films have been serving up grit, grime, blood, and tough as nails action heroines. We had one in Anne Curtis’ Nina Manigan in “Buy Bust”, and here, in “We Will Not Die Tonight”, we have Erich Gonzales’ stuntwoman Kray. Shot in only eight days, this film has an interesting premise, a great lead in Gonzales, with some good fight sequences and interesting … Continue reading Movie Review: We Will Not Die Tonight (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: On the Job (Spoilers!)

August is the month in which the entire Philippines celebrates our national language, Filipino, and at the same time, the rich cultural heritage of the country is also celebrated. So, it is no wonder that I’ve been trying to put more emphasis on Filipino films this month, especially as two big local film festivals- Cinemalaya and Pista ng Pelikulang Pinoy (Festival of Filipino Films), also … Continue reading Movie Review: On the Job (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Buy Bust (Spoilers!)

Action is a film genre that comes in many forms, and every country has their own version of the action film, from fast car chase scenes to epic fight sequences. It can have a complex plot which sets up and whose narrative weaves through the action sequences; or the entire movie can just be about the spectacle and the action itself. When it comes to … Continue reading Movie Review: Buy Bust (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Citizen Jake (Spoilers!)

Over the past few years, the independent local film scene has been booming with well made, well acted, and meaningful films. It has come to the point in which movies like “Birdshot” have become available for streaming on Netflix, and to the point in which smaller local film fests are attended by more and more people every year, and there are film fests like Pista … Continue reading Movie Review: Citizen Jake (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Birdshot (Spoilers!)

Recently, streaming giant Netflix has been quite aggressive in expanding their database by adding and acquiring Asian television shows and dramas. However, just a few days ago, Netflix made history once again by acquiring the critically acclaimed film “Birdshot”, making it the first Filipino piece of content to be added to the streaming giant’s huge media database, and their choice couldn’t have been more perfect. … Continue reading Movie Review: Birdshot (Spoilers!)