Movie Review: Ralph Breaks the Internet (Spoilers!)

Aside from “Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them: The Crimes of Grindelwald” (which was a HUGE disappointment in my books), the sequel to “Wreck it Ralph”, “Ralph Breaks the Internet”, was the only other movie that I was really looking forward to this November. I thoroughly enjoyed the first installment, and I loved that John C. Reilly’s Ralph and Sarah Silverman’s Vanellope von Schweetz … Continue reading Movie Review: Ralph Breaks the Internet (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Justice League (Spoilers!)

Finally, after years of waiting, and after everything that went on behind the scenes in the making of this film, “Justice League” has finally been released. There was definitely a lot riding on this film, as this was the first time that viewers would finally see the League assembled and working together as a team; and because of how the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) films … Continue reading Movie Review: Justice League (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Wonder Woman (Spoilers)

Ever since it was announced, and ever since Gal Gadot debuted as Wonder Woman or Diana Prince in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, fans of both movies and comic books have been eagerly waiting for her stand alone film.  Fans wanted to see how Gadot, who impressed many in “Batman v Superman” with her performance, would handle herself in her own movie, and many … Continue reading Movie Review: Wonder Woman (Spoilers)