Movie Review: Summer Wars (Spoilers)

Everyone has favorite movies, books or television show episodes that they could watch over and over again, especially when the mood strikes them. For me, this would be my Sherlock Holmes stories, my favorite episodes and specials of “Doctor Who”, and “Summer Wars”, an anime film that I never fail to watch every single year. I was introduced to anime and manga pretty late in … Continue reading Movie Review: Summer Wars (Spoilers)

Movie Review: GANTZ (Live Action) (Spoilers!)

In one more day, it will be Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun’s birthday. But since I haven’t done anything for Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari’s birthday last June, I’m going to give a somewhat super belated birthday gift—two movie reviews, both starring Ninomiya Kazunari. I’ve been told that GANTZ was a good movie. I was looking forward to it because I like the leading actors- Matsuyama Kenichi, and Ninomiya … Continue reading Movie Review: GANTZ (Live Action) (Spoilers!)