TV Review: The Tale of Nokdu (Spoilers!)

I’ve been meaning to get into saeguk’s or historical dramas for quite some time now, but I also felt that I needed to ease myself into it. This journey began with me watching “Chicago Typewriter”, followed by “Mr. Sunshine”, and now, after “The Tale of Nokdu”, I think I’m quite ready to delve more into the genre as a whole (“My Country” is the next saeguk on my … Continue reading TV Review: The Tale of Nokdu (Spoilers!)

TV Review: Queen of Mystery S2 (Spoilers!)

Korean dramas usually don’t get second seasons. More often than not, most Asian dramas have one season. If they do get greenlit for a second season, they come in a variety of froms- a spiritual or anthology sequel with the same spirit as the original but with a completely different cast; or a sequel with some or most of the original characters that continues their … Continue reading TV Review: Queen of Mystery S2 (Spoilers!)

TV Review: Black (Kdrama) (Spoilers!)

Ever since I watched “Voice”, which I loved, I’ve been keeping a very close eye on what OCN has to offer. When I stumbled across “Black” on Netflix, I decided to give this a shot over “Goblin”, as I wanted a good crime/mystery drama after watching “Stranger” or “Forest of Secrets”. What I got here was a drama with a beautiful soundtrack, praiseworthy action scenes … Continue reading TV Review: Black (Kdrama) (Spoilers!)