My Year in Review: 2018 TV Edition

We have barely just left 2018, and now, we are at the start of the second week of 2019. However, before we truly say goodbye to 2018, I’m hitting the pause button in order to review how my year was in terms of tv shows & movies. For this particular installment, I’ll be looking at the Western shows and all the Korean dramas I managed … Continue reading My Year in Review: 2018 TV Edition

TV Review: Live (Spoilers!)

Recently, Netflix has been acquiring Korean dramas aggressively as of late, and interestingly enough, they now have several tvN dramas that aired in 2018. First up was the black comedy with heart “Prison Playbook”, then there was Lee Seung Gi’s fantasy romance “Hwayugi”, and now, the all to real human drama that is “Live”. “Live” aired on tvN from March 10 to May 6, 2018, … Continue reading TV Review: Live (Spoilers!)