Movie Review: Spider-Man: Far From Home (Spoilers!)

Last April 24, 2019, moviegoers and fans of the MARVEL Cinematic Universe (MCU) were able to finally breathe a sigh of relief, as “Avengers: Endgame” lived up to its hype and finally completed the twenty-one film arc that is now being referred to as the “Infinity Saga”. However, after that, there was still one more movie left in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe’s roster of films … Continue reading Movie Review: Spider-Man: Far From Home (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Captain Marvel (Spoilers)

Ever since it was announced, fans of both the MARVEL Cinematic Universe (MCU), and fans of the character itself, were eager to see how the studio would be handling not just this character but how they would treat their first ever full-fledged female supheroine origin film with “Captain Marvel”. The result was a nostalgic enjoyable ride that was part origin story and part buddy cop … Continue reading Movie Review: Captain Marvel (Spoilers)

TV Review: MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD S5 (Spoilers!)

Whether it comes to the films or their tv shows, MARVEL is not only on everyone’s mind thanks to “Avengers: Infinity War”, but they are also doing well when it comes to their television shows. When it comes to MARVEL shows, many will no doubt mention their Netflix shows, which are on a league of its own. However, before there was “Daredevil” or “Jessica Jones”, … Continue reading TV Review: MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD S5 (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Thor: Raganork (Spoilers!)

As much as I am a big fan of Tom Hiddleston and Loki, I honestly don’t get that excited for films in the Thor franchise. However, this year’s “Thor: Ragnarok” was one that I was looking forward to as I wanted to see how it would handle the whole “Planet Hulk” story line combined with the Ragnarok story line. The first film was alright, the … Continue reading Movie Review: Thor: Raganork (Spoilers!)

Upping the Ante- MARVEL’s “Doctor Strange” Review (Spoilers)

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for neglecting this space for several weeks. During that time,  I decided to take a short hiatus, mainly because I needed to rest, and also so that I could catch up on watching some shows which I have been neglecting as of late. So, let’s get the ball rolling with MARVEL’s “Doctor Strange”. Around a year ago, … Continue reading Upping the Ante- MARVEL’s “Doctor Strange” Review (Spoilers)