Movie Review: Ang Larawan (The Portrait) (Spoilers!)

Every year, I promise to myself to try and catch at least one film in the annual Metro Manila Film Festival, but rarely get to do so, as it falls on the busiest two weeks of the year- the Christmas holidays. Thankfully, as the film fest officially ended on January 7, I was able to carve out some time to enjoy at least one film. … Continue reading Movie Review: Ang Larawan (The Portrait) (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Saving Sally

Every year, especially when the Metro Manila Film Festival comes along at Christmas, I tell myself that this is the year that I will actually take some time to watch some original Filipino films. This year, I did try my best to catch at least one film as there were more independent films as compared to the usual fare. I wasn’t able to catch it, … Continue reading Movie Review: Saving Sally