TV Review: Watcher (Spoilers!)

In this complicated world, sometimes its easier to watch things that are black and white, where your bad guys are deliciously evil and where the good guys strive to do the right thing no matter how many hits they may take. These tropes help us renew our own faith in humanity, and maybe, even in ourselves. However, life isn’t just black and white, and sometimes, … Continue reading TV Review: Watcher (Spoilers!)

TV Review: Voice 3: City of Accomplices (Spoilers!)

If you have been following this blog for some time, you would know that the the OCN crime drama “Voice” has a very special place in my heart as it was one of the first few kdramas I watched when I was getting back into Kdramas in full force. Since then, I looked forward to every installment of the show. While the second season had … Continue reading TV Review: Voice 3: City of Accomplices (Spoilers!)

My Year in Review: 2018 TV Edition

We have barely just left 2018, and now, we are at the start of the second week of 2019. However, before we truly say goodbye to 2018, I’m hitting the pause button in order to review how my year was in terms of tv shows & movies. For this particular installment, I’ll be looking at the Western shows and all the Korean dramas I managed … Continue reading My Year in Review: 2018 TV Edition

TV Review: Voice 2 (Spoilers!)

Last year, when I was slowly but surely getting back into the Kdrama game, I decided to pick up “Voice” as I thought that the perfect way for me to ease back into it would to be to go for a genre that I am fond of, and“Voice”  was definitely the perfect fit for me. So, when I heard that there was going to be a second season, … Continue reading TV Review: Voice 2 (Spoilers!)

TV Review: Life on Mars (Korea) (Spoilers!)

In the past few years, there have been several Korean remakes of American and British television shows, but it looks like they are on a remake spree this year, and it doesn’t look like they’ll stop anytime soon. To be honest, I haven’t seen all the remakes, but from what I’ve seen with the Korean version of “Suits”, and now, with this remake of “Life … Continue reading TV Review: Life on Mars (Korea) (Spoilers!)

TV Review: Duel (Kdrama) (Spoilers!)

In the midst of all the prosecutors, time travel, and supernatural romances, there were two notable science fiction Korean dramas that graced (k) dramaland in 2017- tvN’s ambitious “Circle” and OCN’s “chase thriller” “Duel”. Thankfully, both “Circle” and “Duel” delve upon different thought provoking concepts, and are very different from each other, with “Duel” also having the addition of being an OCN original,  which made … Continue reading TV Review: Duel (Kdrama) (Spoilers!)

Updates: January 2018 Highlights & February 2018 Preview

This year, as I am in the habit of reviewing all the events, the things that I did, and all the things that I liked and disliked for each month as it goes by, I decided to do a version of that over here. In these update posts, I will be doing a rundown of everything that happened to me in the month with regards … Continue reading Updates: January 2018 Highlights & February 2018 Preview

TV Review: Black (Kdrama) (Spoilers!)

Ever since I watched “Voice”, which I loved, I’ve been keeping a very close eye on what OCN has to offer. When I stumbled across “Black” on Netflix, I decided to give this a shot over “Goblin”, as I wanted a good crime/mystery drama after watching “Stranger” or “Forest of Secrets”. What I got here was a drama with a beautiful soundtrack, praiseworthy action scenes … Continue reading TV Review: Black (Kdrama) (Spoilers!)