Heartbreak (Poem)

Heartbreak Written on January 12,2014 Heartbroken, but still standing. Sad, But still smiling. Numb, But still feeling. Oblivious, But still knowing. Despairing , but still hoping. Note: First poem and post of the year! Oddly enough, despite the sadness of the poem, I was feeling pretty content and happy that day…or maybe not. Maybe the subconscious sometimes reaches out and finds it’s way out on … Continue reading Heartbreak (Poem)

Writer’s Block (A Poem)

Writer’s Block  Written on July 17, 2013 Sitting in a corner, Pen in hand, Blank pages staring, Relentless, harsh, intimidating Ideas come flowing One after the other, Until the mind can’t hold it in (Anymore) Yet the words don’t come. Note: I have been writing poems since I was in primary school. In high school, I discovered that I preferred free verse poems, poems in … Continue reading Writer’s Block (A Poem)