The Monthly Kpop Haul #10

The past few weeks and the past month has been a roller-coaster ride, from some things that happened in my own personal life, to the Enhanced Community Quarantine that’s being enforced now where I live. I’m pretty sure that most of you are also practicing social distancing, and have been home bound if you are self-quarantining. Over here, the enhanced community quarantine also means that … Continue reading The Monthly Kpop Haul #10

The Kpop Files: The Monthly Kpop Haul 1.5

With this post, I’ve finally caught in terms of haul posts. So, you’ll be seeing my October haul sometime in November. This month’s haul was a mix of new releases and some old ones. I also got my very first concert merch purchase shipped to me this month!  As for the comebacks for the month of September, the one that I was most excited for … Continue reading The Kpop Files: The Monthly Kpop Haul 1.5