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[VIDEO] The Fangirl Diaries: February 2022

Trying something new with this little experiment- my first ever silent vlog on the channel! The Fangirl Diaries is a series of monthly vlogs in which I show you how I fangirled during the month, from Kpop to other fandoms of mine such as Star Wars, books, Lord of the Rings and more! Fandom-related monthly collective hauls will also be shown here. It’s a little … Continue reading [VIDEO] The Fangirl Diaries: February 2022

Animation Break: The Hollow S1 (Spoilers!)

Western animated kids shows are sometimes hit or miss with me, but sometimes, there comes along a show that intriguing and just up my alley, that I can’t help but take note of it. And recently,  I couldn’t help but notice that Netflix has been churning out some pretty interesting animated offerings for kids. “The Hollow” is a great animated show geared towards tweens, with an interesting … Continue reading Animation Break: The Hollow S1 (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Alimuom (Spoilers!)

Right now, Philippine cinema is in the middle of a very exciting phase in its history, with more and more independent films becoming more mainstream, and with the country’s Film Development Council working hard to bring Filipino films abroad and letting exposing local filmmakers to others in the industry. So, of course, as a fan of both Philippine cinema and science fiction, when I heard … Continue reading Movie Review: Alimuom (Spoilers!)

TV Review: Are You Human Too? (Spoilers!)

Robot themed Korean dramas have been around for some time, but seem to have picked up steam last year, and it doesn’t seem to be losing steam yet. Earlier this year, we had MBC’s romantic-comedy “I’m Not A Robot”, which had a science fiction premise but didn’t really focus on it; and this time, we have KBS’ “Are You Human Too?”, which banks more on the science fiction premise … Continue reading TV Review: Are You Human Too? (Spoilers!)

TV Review: I’m Not A Robot (Spoilers!)

More often than not, regardless of whether it is a Western or Asian movie or a Western or Asian television show, we viewers are often presented with premises or synopsis that, on paper, make you wonder if it’ll be any good or if they’ll be able to pull it off well. And sometimes, the title of the piece makes you wonder the same thing as … Continue reading TV Review: I’m Not A Robot (Spoilers!)

TV Review: Timeless S2 (Spoilers!)

It didn’t take long for the first season of NBC’s “Timeless” to strike a chord in viewer’s hearts and minds, as it was the power of the fans (and social media) that enabled the show to come back for a second round of time traveling adventures after NBC decided to cancel the show after the first season. Now, with a second chance at things, the … Continue reading TV Review: Timeless S2 (Spoilers!)

TV Review: Lost in Space (2018) (Spoilers!)

Reboots of shows that have left a legacy and a fan base are quite hard to do as the reboot would have to live up to and go the extra mile to go above and beyond to be the best it can be. Aside from that, rebooting a science fiction show is hard because it can’t be too campy and still be a good science … Continue reading TV Review: Lost in Space (2018) (Spoilers!)

TV Review: Duel (Kdrama) (Spoilers!)

In the midst of all the prosecutors, time travel, and supernatural romances, there were two notable science fiction Korean dramas that graced (k) dramaland in 2017- tvN’s ambitious “Circle” and OCN’s “chase thriller” “Duel”. Thankfully, both “Circle” and “Duel” delve upon different thought provoking concepts, and are very different from each other, with “Duel” also having the addition of being an OCN original,  which made … Continue reading TV Review: Duel (Kdrama) (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Annihilation (Spoilers!)

Just like any genre, the realm of science fiction allows it to appear in many forms, from exciting genre movies with a lot of flash bang special effects, to slow moving art house think pieces. In recent years, although there have been many thought provoking science fiction movies, many have gotten used to science fiction movies that have a lot of special effects and that … Continue reading Movie Review: Annihilation (Spoilers!)