Kingdom Episode 10 Recap (Spoilers!)

At long last, we have finally reached the end of Kingdom, the end of these recaps, and along with this is finally the end of everything related to do it. I’ve been recapping this whole journey since last year’s “Road to Kingdom”, and I can’t believe that we have finally reached the end. In my head, I’m breathing a sigh of relief, but at the … Continue reading Kingdom Episode 10 Recap (Spoilers!)

Kingdom Episode 9 Recap (Spoilers!)

This episode saw the rest of the Round 3 Part 2 “No Limit” stages- with BTOB, Ateez, SF9, and The Boyz gracing us with even more legendary stages before the last and final round. At the end of the episode, the expert names, expert evaluation, group evaluation and combined score for the third round was released. Before we move on to the details of what … Continue reading Kingdom Episode 9 Recap (Spoilers!)

Kingdom Episode 8 Recap (Spoilers!)

This episode saw the continuation of the collaboration stages, with the Vocal Battle and the release of the final results as to which team won overall. Afterwards, the second part of Round Three started, with the theme of No Limit, meaning that sky was the limit in conceptualizing each group’s performance. For this round, both iKON and Stray Kids took the stage, while the other … Continue reading Kingdom Episode 8 Recap (Spoilers!)

Kingdom Episode 7 Recap (Spoilers!)

I heard that the live broadcast of this episode was a long one. The one that I saw, however, on Viu, was also pretty long was it did run for two whole hours! For this episode, they finally revealed the actual rankings from Round 1 and Round 2 as well as the combined score from both these rounds. They also showed a current ranking at … Continue reading Kingdom Episode 7 Recap (Spoilers!)

Kingdom Episode 6 Recap (Spoilers!)

This week was a little bit of a breather for everyone as this week’s episode featured all the groups participating in a Sport’s Day event! It was definitely a fun episode as everyone put aside the stress and tension of the competition and had some fun together. This was definitely an episode I was really looking forward to as it offered us more intergroup interactions, … Continue reading Kingdom Episode 6 Recap (Spoilers!)

Kingdom Episode 5 Recap (Spoilers!)

This episode saw the rest of the performances for Round Two- the Re-Born theme. I absolutely loved the first three performances so I was very much looking forward to seeing Ateez, BTOB and Stray Kids add their own unique colors to the songs that they chose from their given switched group. Before we move on into the episode, I’ve been kind of confused on how … Continue reading Kingdom Episode 5 Recap (Spoilers!)

Kingdom Episode 4 Recap (Spoilers!)

The competition has barely begun, but it already seems as if we have gone through so much already with all of these groups. I am glad that they revealed some constructive criticism from the critics in this episode, but of course, in Mnet dramatic fashion, the actual final rankings for Round One haven’t been revealed yet (by this, I mean the combined scores of the … Continue reading Kingdom Episode 4 Recap (Spoilers!)

Kingdom Recap- Episode 3 (Spoilers!)

Things are getting quite heated now as Round 1 progresses and the last three groups gave their performances. The fandom communities are getting quite heated as well, what with 50% of the criteria being based around YouTube/Naver views and voting. Thankfully, I managed to find a way to enjoy the actual performances without getting too stressed about things- I watched all of the full performance … Continue reading Kingdom Recap- Episode 3 (Spoilers!)

Kingdom Recap-Episode 2 (Spoilers!)

While I am still excited to watch “Kingdom” every week, my enthusiasm for the show is definitely getting a bit weaker, what with the fact that these groups film around thirty hours of footage straight and the fact that there are miscommunication issues between the Mnet PDs and the agencies of the Kingdom groups. I guess my waning enthusiasm is also due to the fact … Continue reading Kingdom Recap-Episode 2 (Spoilers!)