TV Review: Life (Spoilers!)

When it comes to particular genres, one already has certain expectations about it. However, it becomes even more exciting and refreshing when those expectations are turned on its head, and what greets you is a premise and concept that you would have never have thought of before in that particular genre. Such as it was with me with JTBC’s recent offering, “Life”, which was also … Continue reading TV Review: Life (Spoilers!)

TV Review: Just Between Lovers (Kdrama) (Spoilers!)

Everyone has their own favorite stories, television shows, and movies; and while some of these might be subjective, there are some that are universally acclaimed to be classics. The same is true for Korean dramas. However, it seems as if JTBC managed to create a new modern classic with the romantic melodrama “Just Between Lovers”. Since it aired, the show has been constantly praised as … Continue reading TV Review: Just Between Lovers (Kdrama) (Spoilers!)