TV Review: Suits (Korea) (Spoilers!)

Aside from original offerings and ideas, there have been a lot of remakes of American and British television shows hitting kdramaland as of late. Among those is the Korean version of the American television show “Suits”, which aired under the same title and ran for sixteen episodes on KBS. Now, many things can go wrong with a remake, and of course, they have to do … Continue reading TV Review: Suits (Korea) (Spoilers!)

TV Review: Mother (Jdrama) (Spoilers!)

Just recently, tVN just finished its run of their (Korean) remake of the 2010 Japanese drama “Mother”. Before watching the Korean version, I decided to take a look at the eleven episode Japanese drama first to get a feel for it, and as I wanted to see the differences and the similarities in the two dramas, especially as the two will no doubt have differences … Continue reading TV Review: Mother (Jdrama) (Spoilers!)