Movie Review: Venom (Spoilers!)

With Spider-Man now doing his own thing within the MARVEL Cinematic Universe, Sony is now trying its luck once again with their own version of a shared cinematic universe with the recent release of “Venom” and with the animated “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”, which will be released later this year. And while some of us are quite hyped about the latter, let’s focus on this … Continue reading Movie Review: Venom (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Spider-Man 3 (Spoilers!)

“Spider-Man”, when it first came out in 2002, changed the course of superhero films as it became the first superhero film that was lighter in tone, was successful at the box office, and set up things for a very successful and lucrative film franchise for SONY. Then, “Spider-Man 2” came and showed audiences and Hollywood that you can make a great superhero movie sequel that … Continue reading Movie Review: Spider-Man 3 (Spoilers!)