TV Review: Itaewon Class (Spoilers!)

Ever since I first watched Park Seo Joon in “Fight for My Way”, I knew that this was one actor that would always be on my watch list. So, it wasn’t surprising that I had my eye on “Itaewon Class” when it was announced, and I got more and more intrigued in it after Kim Dong Hee (whom I saw in “Sky Castle”), and Ahn … Continue reading TV Review: Itaewon Class (Spoilers!)

TV Review: Confession (Spoilers!)

If you have been following this blog for a while, then you would know that 2PM’s Lee Junho has a very special place in my heart as he is the actor/Kpop idol that pushed me back into watching Kdramas and into listening again to Kpop. Aside from this, he is an extremely talented actor who gets better and better in the various and different roles … Continue reading TV Review: Confession (Spoilers!)

TV Review: Life (Spoilers!)

When it comes to particular genres, one already has certain expectations about it. However, it becomes even more exciting and refreshing when those expectations are turned on its head, and what greets you is a premise and concept that you would have never have thought of before in that particular genre. Such as it was with me with JTBC’s recent offering, “Life”, which was also … Continue reading TV Review: Life (Spoilers!)

TV Review: Stranger/Forest of Secrets (Kdrama) (Spoilers!)

Last month, as I was looking over the list of things I’ve reviewed and watched in the past year, I realized that I hadn’t watched as much Korean dramas as I wanted to, despite the fact that Netflix has been distributing a lot of them as of late. So, to cap off 2017 and to start 2018 I ended up watching “Stranger” or “Forest of … Continue reading TV Review: Stranger/Forest of Secrets (Kdrama) (Spoilers!)